Buying a home involves several stages. Everyone's situation will vary but below is a list of common steps during a residential transaction.

  1. Obtain mortgage or loan pre-qualification/approval.  **Make sure you let your mortgage broker that you want to use Sandpiper Title & Settlements, LLC for your title insurance/settlement needs.

  2. Meet with your real estate agent and determine your needs and wants based on budget.

  3.  Select your new home and discuss an offer with your agent.

  4. Prepare the "earnest money" deposit (typically 1-3% of purchase price).

  5. Seller accepts your offer.

  6. Request a Home Inspection by a qualified inspector.

  7. Buyers lender orders title work/commitment.

  8. Mortgage/loan process continues.

  9. Sandpiper Title & Settlements, LLC orders title search on the property and receives approval from lender. Based on closing date set in Sales Contract, Sandpiper Title coordinates settlement with all parties.

  10. Buyer obtains Homeowner's Insurance and shares policy information with both Lender and Title Co.

  11. Prepare for closing. Be sure to bring the following things to your appointment:

    • Valid (not expired) government-issued picture ID​​

    • Social security number(s)

    • Cashier's check payable to Sandpiper Title & Settlements, LLC for funds needed to close.


  • A bank cashier’s check, made payable to Sandpiper Title & Settlements, LLC, will be accepted for funds under $5,000.00.

  • A bank wire is required for funds over $5,000.00. Please contact us for wiring instructions.