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For the Homeowners -

Sandpiper Title & Settlements will work closely with you, your agent and lender to ensure a smooth closing. We are committed to providing you the best service and convenient settlement. Below you fill a list of documents you can be expected to sign during the closing. A certified settlement agent will be with you to help guide you through all of the documents. Questions related to the terms of your mortgage should be asked prior to the closing. 

How do I prepare for closing?

Our office begins the process when we receive the Ratified Contract. 
If you have not already scheduled a date and time for your settlement, please call 757-255-9203 or e-mail us to do so, or you may have your real estate agent coordinate closing with us.

What documents will I be expected to sign?

You will be required to sign numerous documents at the time of closing. In the majority of closings, the lender prepares and delivers the documents to the closing agent the day before or day of closing. While the majority of the documents are simply disclosures and other non-binding notices to borrowers, a handful of the documents are vitally important and legally binding.  -Closing Disclosure or HUD-1 Settlement Statement -Promissory Note -Deed of Trust (Mortgage) -First payment letter -Affidavits relating to owner-occupancy, current employment and income, other matters specific to the transaction -Disclosures and Acknowledgments regarding surveys, termite letters, flood zones, hazard insurance, and others related to the specific transaction -Loan Application -IRS form W-9 -IRS forms 4506 and/or 8821 ​

When will I know my cash to close?

Your final cash to close amount may not be available until 1‐2 days prior to your closing date and is dependent on when your mortgage lender provides closing instructions to our office. By law, we are unable to provide you with final figures until your lender has provided you with your final Closing Disclosure..

How do I remit funds to close?

You may bring Certified Funds / Cashier’s Check with you to closing, or you may wire funds to our escrow account. Please call us for wiring instructions. There is a $15 fee associated with wires.


For amounts greater than $5,000.00, a wire is preferred but not necessary.  Personal checks require special approval. 

All funds should be made payable to Sandpiper Title & Settlements, LLC

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a way to protect yourself financially from title defects. Click below to learn more about title insurance.


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Preparing for the Closing/Settlement

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